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14th March 2012

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Boob Punches

So I was in class this evening, and we’re doing a training drill, and my (male) training partner strikes me (female) in the boob.

My first reaction is an internal, “Dude, WTF?!”

My second reaction is to consider the fairness of this move.

It’s not like I have giant bazongas (if you will); when I wear bras, it’s for the sake of cultural appropriateness or because I’m doing something active and don’t want them, like, chafing. (See: male runners, post-race.)  Still, they are there, and breast-shots aren’t pleasant, but breasts also take up a pretty decent chunk of what would be acceptable practice target range on a dude.  

Saying “ABSOLUTELY NO TATA SHOTS” seems a little unfair from strictly a training perspective, but… ow.  And also, that’s kind of a personal space! 

Seeing as this is Tumblr and therefore a pretty open forum, I pose this question:

What’s your school’s approach to boob-punches?  What’s your personal code?  (Open to all, regardless of whether you actually have breasts.)

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  1. raggedyraven reblogged this from martialartistsftw and added:
    We only do sternum or head shots giving the hand as the target during drills. Palm strikes can ouch seriously. I’m not...
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    Well punching you in your breast seems like a very strange way to try and “cup a feel”. If it made you feel...
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    I’d sparred with the particular fellow on multiple occasions, and we HAD been given a specific target — center line....
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    Ugh that is super creepy man :< Bad times. Bad martial arts dude. I cant definitely give a PRAISE JESUS to the actual...
  5. martialartistsftw reblogged this from tripceratops and added:
    Hahaha! I like your approach. I’m kinda flat-chested, so it’s more ‘functional mammary bits’ than ‘excess mammary...
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    IMO, considering there is considerable space about my bouncy breastness and pleanty of gut below, hitting me in the boob...
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    Haha. Oh boy. Umm… I just kick in the abdomen when posed in the position.
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    Well I try not to hit it, and if I do I apologize, but it is martial arts so you gotta be able to role with it if it...
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    one of my senpai always gets mad at me when I punch her in the chest. But I always get paired with her when it happens...
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    I have been hit in the boobs before during class. In traditional wing chun the chest is the primary target area so it is...